What we do

East Coast Metal Fabrication has an Open Shop in-house union consisting of Metal Fitters, Welders, Sand Blasters, Painters, Millwrights, Electricians and Crane Operators. We also have highly skilled Iron Workers for structural steel erection work through Atlantic Canada.

Custom Modular Fabrication Products

    • Industrial Structural Steel
    • OEM equipment fabrication and assembly
    • Modular Platforms, catwalks, stairs and handrails
    • Conveyor systems and chutes
    • Heavy equipment rebuilds
    • Ceramic and grout linings of Industrial plate work
    • Potable and Waste Water Module treatment plants
    • Ship Building
    • Barges and Floating Docks

Fabrication Equipment

    • 6 x 15 ton overhead cranes
    • 10 x 24 CNC Plasma plate table
    • 300 XPR ERMAK Plasma table
    • Metfin Shot blasting System
    • Beamcut Systems BC50 Robot Beam Line
    • 12’ x 350 ton Brake Press
    • 44” CNC 3 spindle drill line
    • 5/8”x 10ft hydraulic shear
    • 2 x 21” band saw
    • 110 ton ironworker
    • 5/8”x10 ft plate roll
    • ½”x 4ft angle roll
    • 30 welding fitting/welding stations
    • Sandblast and painting booth
    • Mobile cranes, 30 ton, 110 ton, 275 ton
    • Fleet of mobile welding + erection equipment


We have a fully functional shop and field crews covering the following trades

    • Engineers
    • Administrative support
    • Safety Officers
    • Laborer's
    • Fitters
    • Welders
    • Iron Workers
    • Millwrights
    • Pipe fitters
    • Sand blasters
    • Painters
    • Crane Operator


    • CWB W47.1 Fusion Welding of Steel
    • CWB W47.2 Fusion Welding of Aluminum
    • AWS D1.1 M-2004 Structural Welding for Steel
    • COR Safety Certified
    • WCB Nova Scotia
    • ISNetworld 12.0

Who we are

East Coast Metal Fabrication has highly skilled shop and field crews to enable us to provide full turnkey services for any metal fabrication project throughout commercial and industrial sectors.

East Coast Metal Fabrication is a Custom Structural Fabrication facility located Oceanside in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. We operate a 21,000 sqft fabrication facility, 8,000 sqft custom painting facility and an 8,000 sqft mechanical assembly shop.

East Coast Metal Fabrication is a leading custom metal fabricator specializing in modular fabrication. We are an industrial job shop specializing in one of fabrication and full structural + mechanical installation.

We successfully grow  relationships with our clients to help them become more competitive in their markets, thus helping both of us grow together. This mutual benefit is established by delivering top quality products in a timely manner, while also helping our clients with budget preparation, design optimization, start-up and commissioning and life cycle costing. This will mean more up front work for ECMF management; however the value is paying dividends with repeat contract awards.

Value added strategic partnerships is the growth model for East Coast Metal Fabrication’s Our Modular Aluminum and Stainless skills bring in new customers. Our partnership focus and ability to deliver on promises keeps clients returning at a rate of more than 95% repeat customers..